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Hi there.

I’m Chase Night.

I read, write, and wear books.

On Why I Write

I know what you want to hear. I can see the teleprompter in your eyes, telling me how to fulfill your fantasies of what it means to be a writer: I write because I am compelled to. I write because I can’t do anything else. I write because it’s the only way I know to express myself.

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On Selfie Love

Some people think selfies are just another sign of the end of civilization as we know it. And they do have a point: how can a consumer culture that doesn’t hate their own faces survive? In that light, there’s a really real chance that our selfies might cause the next economic collapse.

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On Being Remarkable

When our self-worth becomes wrapped up in our accomplishments–and not just any accomplishments, but remarkable accomplishments–we might as well be wrapped up in a boa constrictor. The tremendous pressure to always do more so that we can be more will almost certainly crush us in the end.

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