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Hi there.

I’m Chase Night.

I read, write, and wear books.

On Being Remarkable

When our self-worth becomes wrapped up in our accomplishments–and not just any accomplishments, but remarkable accomplishments–we might as well be wrapped up in a boa constrictor. The tremendous pressure to always do more so that we can be more will almost certainly crush us in the end.

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On Setups, Payoffs, and Cattle

The absence of any cows in a cow pasture full of fresh poop is kind of suspicious don’t you think? Where are the cows? Did they get out? Is this story going to involve a cow rustler? A chupacabra?

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On The Importance of Author Blogs

I’ve been told by exactly 1,379,425 sources that if I want to make it as an author I absolute must operate an author blog.

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